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What's Tricky about a California SR-22?

The ends and outs of adhering to California SR-22 regulations can be tricky if you aren't sure how to go about getting yourself covered. Firstly, an SR-22 is not the insurance policy itself, but legal proof that you have a current auto insurance policy. SR-22 forms essentially certify that you have car insurance with the state DMV by way of your insurance provider.

A driver cannot complete this form on their own; it is a form that must be completed by the insurance company. We'll bet you didn't know that and if you did, you still have similar questions. Our site is dedicated to informing you on all you need to know about SR22 insurance California.

How long will you need the SR-22? Do you need it if you relocating from another state? What is the minimum coverage amount required? How can you best manage the cost of a California SR22? What is the SR-26 and how does it compare with the SR-22? These are just some of the many questions you can find answers to on our site.

Our site also has tips on keeping your SR22 insurance costs to a minimum. You will need to keep your SR-22 insurance for a period three-years during which you cannot allow your policy to lapse or be terminated. As such, it is important for you to understand the costs involved and how best to manage them.

An SR 22 Quote is Different

SR 22 quotes are different from regular car insurances quotes because the policy provided and the verification given to the state by your car insurance company adhere to the state's auto liability insurance requirements.

You might have been convicted of driving without car insurance or while under the influence (DUI) and you are looking to have your California driver's license reinstated.  While DUI incidents are common reasons an SR-22 might be required, they are also mandated for driving infractions that include things like reckless driving or driving while you have a suspending license, being involved with an accident while uninsured, or being declared an negligent operator (this happens when you have too many points on your driving record for a certain period of time).

Whatever the case may be, you need to know what to expect when you begin to look for your SR 22 quote and our site can help ensure you are prepared.